Photo Shoot from

When Talon and I went to TribOriginal 2011 in October, we met the wonderful Carrie, from The Dancer’s Eye, who was offering to do photo shoots at fabulous prices. Neither of us ever shy away from an opportunity to get our picture taken, so we signed up and were pleasantly surprised with what came out of the session. If you want to see more of Carrie’s work, visit!


About Jem and Talon

Jem likes to go to the beach and roll around in the water pretending she is a mermaid. She also likes all things lime green and hot pink, glittery and/or shiny, and loud music. You can also see her perform with Faerie Fusion bellydance troupe, Aubergine or with the Industrial Fusion bellydance troupe, Gypsy Fusion . Talon is an indie rocker by day, tree hugger by night. Her favorite things are anything monotone in color, oak and maple trees, and finding new music that hasn’t been heard on a commercial yet. If you’re ever unsure of where she may be, check the parks in Baltimore, it’s a safe bet that she’s walking her wonderdog, Oslo.